Bunker became aware of the lack of protection for freelancers who get hurt at work in 2016 from its clients and spent about a year working with major insurance carriers to build a product to address it, according to Nitschke.

Bunker began introducing the product earlier this year. It was the beginning of his year that carriers effectively got over the regulatory hump to be able to offer coverage that basically solves this problem, says Nitschke. Weve had a lot of influx of interest from on-demand platforms.


Many freelancers and self-employed professionals live with the worry that if they ever have an accident while working, theyll be forced to deal with the financial consequences.

A San Francisco startup called Bunker is rolling out a product known as occupational accident insurance to freelancers in a push aimed at alleviating this pain point. Bunker has started offering both occupational accident and workers' compensation products to freelancers who secure work through two platformsWonolo and Field Nationwith rollouts on eight more platforms in progress, according to Chad Nitschke, co-founder and CEO of Bunker.

Traditional workers' compensation doesn't cover 1099 workers, and their own health insurance will likely deny claims if it's caused from an 'on the job' activity plus health insurance would never cover lost wages for disability, Nitschke said.

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